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Jersey Brain Tumour Charity was originally formed 1 July 2011 to help and support the residents of Jersey, in the Channel Islands.

The inspiration behind this charity is through Sue May’s own personal experience and journey, she has recognised the many challenges a brain tumour diagnosis can bring.

The charity's intentions are simple; to help and support those individuals who experience a brain tumour and provide support to their families, friends and work colleagues. The Charity can provide emotional and practical and support and provide any information needed. 


Over the past several years, the charity has grown and developed and has already helped and supported many Jersey residents.

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Sue's story:

Being a pragmatist, a characteristic phrase I am well known for using when faced with a difficult situation is "well we are where we are!", however, never before has this been more difficult to put...

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My journey started with some tinnitus in my right ear in early 2012; then the right side of my body went numb. I then broke my leg playing sport. I ended up on a ward...

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